deepmedi is a company that provides smartphone sensor-based health measurement information. We provide a technology that can measure various health information such as blood pressure, heart rate, stress, breathing, etc. using a smartphone that anyone carries with them anytime, anywhere, and without additional equipment. These technologies are provided not only in applications, but also in APIs and libraries so that companies that want to use deepmedi's technology can easily apply them to provide their own services.


No additional equipment
or sensors required

No cuff required

Available anytime,



Take a finger or face image with camera

Wellness version

Extract the cardiac signal from the video image

A.I. Algorithm

Development of Health Information Estimation Model Using A.I. Algorithm

Health Information Estimation Model

Displaying health information through estimation model (Blood pressure, Heart rate, Stress etc.)

B2B Solutions

Insurance Company

Better experience for customers and counselors

Opportunity to expand product development

Smart and fast underwriting

Health care Company

Health Care of Members

Building consumer-centric digital apps and services

Simplify development with one

Clinical Trial

Reduced recruitment costs

Patient registration information

Easy Health Information Tracking